Genex Audio GX9000 and GX9048

Genex Audio’s duo of powerful “next-generation” digital recorders are capable of handling both high-resolution PCM and DSD audio. Combining a collaborative effort with Sony and Phillips, direct customer feedback, and their own experience, Genex has delivered a platform that provides audio professionals with enormous flexibility.

The GX9000 is a high-resolution master recorder that offers eight channels of single-wire 24-bit/192 kHz PCM recording/playback or eight channels of DSD recording/playback. The modular GX9048 can do a whopping 48 channels of single-wire 192 kHz PCM recording or 48 channels of DSD, all on a single hard drive. “We’ve tested drives up to and including 147 GB,” says Kevin Brown, president of Genex Audio. “You can record 48 tracks of DSD for 2.4 hours, or 32 tracks of 24/192 for 2.2 hours onto a single 147 GB drive.” High-level installations of these units include Sony Music in New York, The Los Angeles Opera in sunny California, and Angel Mountain Productions in Bethlehem, PA.

These recorders can read and write data in several file formats. In DSD mode, the interleaved DSD IFF is used on low track counts and a modified version of AES31 handles higher counts. In PCM mode, AES31 recording allows for easier DAW interchange. They can handle live disk mirroring, with audio streaming to two disks simultaneously. Genex also notes that their proprietary linear file format offers guaranteed data recovery, even when the disk directory is lost or the disk is corrupted. I’m sure you all know the benefits of that one.

An alliance with Merging Technologies will simplify this welcomed interchange process even further. Both GX recorders can generate Pyramix-formatted waveform files during the record process, allowing disk drives to be hot swapped from a GX9000/9048 directly into a Pyramix workstation for further production.

As for I/O, options abound — both GX units can be configured with one of three 8-channel cards. The DSD I/O card can operate in PCM and DSD modes, with SDIF2, SDIF3, AES3, and AES3id inputs and outputs (AES3 is an balanced interface and AES3id is unbalanced, allowing single wire 192 kHz audio transmission). The PCM card has AES3 and AES3id I/O for PCM only operation. The Analog card can convert analog audio to and from PCM to DSD and features balanced analog, SDIF2, SDIF3, AES3, and AES3id I/Os. There is also the option of fitting two optical MADI cards, capable of carrying up to 24 channels of 96 kHz PCM or 24 channels of DSD data. These MADI interfaces can also transmit and receive 24 channels of DSD between the GX recorders and the Pyramix workstation, or Genex’s GX Series of 8-channel A/D and D/A converters. This offers long optical fiber interconnects with no interference, a must for high-end live recording situations. Another option offered is a BNC termination panel on a 3-slot-wide card, with eight I/O for a total of 16 discrete connections. There is a FireWire card available for the highly flexible mLan protocol.

Both recorders also have built-in sample rate conversion at rates up to 192 kHz. Interestingly, it’s also possible to convert from PCM to DSD and back again. “The DSD-to-PCM conversion takes advantage of hardware on the I/O cards,” notes Brown. “It’s a two-stage process. The DSD is converted to either 44.1 or 88.2 in one chip and then run through a SRC to produce PCM at any rate.”

A USB 2.0 port is provided for connection to the optional GXPX Edit software package. This is a waveform editor for PC that enables CUT, COPY, PASTE, and ERASE across 48 channels. DSD can be edited across all 48 channels with no conversion to PCM. There is also a GXR948 remote controller available, for record arming and monitoring on 48 channels with no bank switching. Each function has a dedicated button and critical parameter displays such as source and sample rate. This unit outputs the standard P2 protocol. Finally, there is a GXRMB meter bridge, providing 48 channels of 24-segment level metering. It features timecode display, signal LEDs, and recorder status. The software package can control meter dynamics and fine-scale calibration, and the entire unit hooks into the GX recorders via a single BNC cable.

PRICE: GX9000, from $4050; GX9048, from $19,000 (a 24-track version sells for $10,750)

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