MX Entertainment Debuts New DVD Feature On Herbie Hancock Concert Release

MX Entertainment, a leading DVD producer and technology development company, announced that it has partnered with Grammy Award-winning jazz music legend Herbie Hancock to debut its MX Multiangle on the artist’s Future 2 Future Live concert DVD. Sony Music Entertainment’s Legacy Recordings is releasing the DVD, which captures Hancock’s full-length live Future 2 Future tour performance at the Knitting Factory, Los Angeles, on March 12, 2002. The DVD will hit store shelves nationwide on Nov. 26.

Hancock’s Future 2 Future Live DVD is the first to premiere MX Multiangle. The new DVD displays 30 minutes of MX Multiangle video sequences, allowing fans to see more onstage action, including split screen close-ups of Hancock’s hands grooving on variety of keyboards, side-by-side with his passionate facial expressions and communication between band members. The special cuts also show precious interplay between the techno-jazz innovator and veteran performers Wallace Roney (trumpet), Terri Lyne Carrington (drums), Darrell Diaz (keyboards), Matthew Garrison (bass), and DJ Disk on the turntable.
MX Entertainment created the patent-pending MX Multiangle to fully exploit the potential of alternate angles in the DVD format. Without interrupting the main program, the feature gives consumers a picture-in-picture preview of different video streams when alternate content is available throughout a performance, and allows them to select it using familiar buttons on their remote control.

MX Entertainment either licenses or works directly with artists, record labels, and other entertainment businesses to provide advanced DVD features such as MX Multiangle. In addition, the company offers MX ROM, an EnhancedCD and DVD-ROM technology that provides fan-base tracking, statistics, and content updates.

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