ministry of sound launches world’s first DTS-powered DJ booth

DTS and the hot London club Ministry of Sound unveiled the first DTS Digital Surround DJ station and multichannel sound system in the world. This cutting-edge system is the first to incorporate eight decks and a set of DTS surround decoders to provide a quality of sound that clubbers have never experienced before.

The console will give DJs a unique flexibility, allowing them to mix new material live, record it, and play it back in multichannel surround sound, including a powerful dedicated subbass system. This will enhance the capabilities of Ministry of Sound’s famous audio system. Up to four DJs can each mix on two turntables, live and online with their own dedicated mixer at the same time.

DTS has installed playback components, including a Pioneer disc player with DTS digital outputs, operated through a professional DTS surround sound decoder for six fully discrete channels of audio from coded source material, and capable of playing any kind of disc, including CD, DVD-Video, and DVD-Audio encoded with DTS Digital Surround, plus custom multichannel material recorded on CD-R. Completing the multichannel audio environment is a custom-designed controller that enables surround sound material to be integrated and played back at any time the DJ chooses.

The DTS installation is part of a new DJ booth at the London club. Ministry of Sound has ensured that whatever the DJ’s mixer preferences, they can be accommodated at the click of a mouse button. Two BSS Soundwebs provide a digital matrix so that any mixer or input source can be matched to any other, without the complex and unreliable swapping of mixers and inputs in real time. The fact that there are eight turntables, sound mixers, and seven other input sources such as CD, mini-disc, DAT, DVD, and even a reel-to-reel tape deck installed, makes such a matrix essential for reliable operation and ultimate sound quality, as the Soundwebs are able to be set up for every input and output characteristic. Installing DTS 5.1 digital surround technology into the new DJ booth is the first step in upgrading the club’s sound systems throughout.

For more information, visit www.dtsonline. com

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