Alpine Announces Solutions for Bringing High-End Multichannel Sound to the Car

Torrance, CA (January 15, 2003) — In 2004, Alpine Electronics will introduce a high-end multichannel surround sound system that pairs their new IVA-D901 in-dash DVD/CD/AM/FM receiver featuring a motorized, high-resolution WVGA display with their PXA-H701 multichannel audio processor with integrated support for Dolby Digital 5.1, Dolby Pro Logic II, and DTS.

Achieving the finest multichannel sound quality in the vehicle is heavily dependent upon sophisticated automotive-based sound tuning tools. Alpine’s PXA-H701 Multimedia Manager sound processor delivers in-vehicle tuning capabilities that rival Alpine’s premium AlpineF#1Status system. With the PXA-H701, users can maximize the sound quality of their system with 165-band equalization or 27-band parametric equalization, 8-channel digital crossover, and 8-channel auto/manual time correction — all from the controls of the IVA-D901.

For DVD-based multichannel content, the PXA-H701 delivers 5.1 surround sound decoding in Dolby Digital 5.1 and DTS formats. The PXA-H701 also bridges the gap from 2-channel stereo content to multichannel sound with its on-board Dolby Pro Logic II decoding. Even when utilizing only four speakers, Dolby Pro Logic II can create a phantom center image, offering a re-creation of multichannel sound from any two channel stereo source.

With its 8-channel output, the PXA-H701 offers nearly unlimited amplifier and speaker configurations for designing a system that best fits both user sound/power preferences and any vehicle’s particular idiosyncrasies.

The IVA-D901 and PXA-H701 will be available in February for target retail prices of $2300 and $500, respectively.

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