SLS International Provides Surround System For Honda/Acura’s Dealer Show

SLS International has announced that it was contacted by the head of the Panasonic Automotive Group to supply a large-format 5.1 surround system at the Acura dealer show in the Mosconi Center in San Francisco on Oct. 2, 2003, to effectively demonstrate to a large audience the effects of 5.1 DVD-Audio surround sound. The demonstration was given to approximately 1000 Acura dealers. The recommendation to select SLS was made by a leading engineer, who has produced and recorded music for the Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, Steely Dan and others. SLS provided a system based on its Studio Reference Series.

These speakers are the same models that have been and are being used by The Grammy Soundtable events produced by NARAS (National Association of Recording Arts and Sciences) throughout the United States. These models were recently installed in the University of Massachusetts Recording Institute and Peerless Mastering Studios in Boston.

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