Surround 2003 to Feature Case Studies on Zeppelin, The Stones, X Games, and Last Samurai

Full conference attendees to this year’s Surround 3003 Conference have the opportunity to be part of four real-world case study sessions focusing on Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, The X Games, and the forthcoming Tom Cruise film The Last Samurai.

It’s been more than 20 years since the band’s broke up, but Led Zeppelin continues to prove its staying power and relevance with what may be the DVD release of the year. “The Making of Led Zeppelin” will offer an inside scoop on how the band’s vintage performances were turned into DVD gold. The session will allow attendees to see and hear before and after examples of the classic songs and performances.

In “Surround On TV — The X Games,” Ron Scalise, a consultant for ESPN remote audio operations, will describe the surprisingly sophisticated audio techniques used for the X Games.

In “The Making of The Last Samurai,” Mark P. Stoeckinger of Soundelux describes the process of creating the sound for a current major studio blockbuster release and the critical role of surround audio.

And, finally, every new technology requires a rethinking of its marketing techniques, and multichannel audio is no exception. In the “Rolling Stones Live Licks” session, attendees can follow the marketing campaign of the four-disc Rolling Stones Live Licks tour DVD boxed set, and analyze the reasoning and results behind its Best Buy exclusive offering. The session will be moderated by Medialine editor Larry Jaffee with panelists who include Steve Klineberg of TGA Entertainment and David Anthony of Metropolis DVD.

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