New Date and Location for Third Annual Surround Music Awards

CMP Information, Inc., the presenters of the Surround 2004 Conference, has announced that the 2004 Surround Music Awards (SMAs) will be held on Tuesday, August 31 at The Highlands nightclub in the Renaissance Hollywood Hotel. As it has in previous years, the SMAs will be held during the annual Surround Conference, which has joined the Entertainment Media Expo (EMX) along with the DVD Conference, Media-Tech Conference, Entertainment Packaging Summit, Entertainment Asset Management, and IDDA.

For the third consecutive year, the Surround Music Awards will honor those who have excelled in multichannel music recording and mixing throughout the year. Previous winners include Queen, James Taylor, The Who, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, and Alison Krauss. The SMAs are also becoming known for the dramatic live performances that take place each year, including Graham Nash and David Crosby at the inaugural event, and Dweezil Zappa last year.

Nominees and winners will be selected by a blue-ribbon panel of judges from the Surround Sound industry. The deadline for entries is June 30. For more information on where and how to submit entries, please visit

This year’s nominated categories are as follows:

Best Made-For-Surround Title: For the most outstanding title created from its inception with multichannel in mind. This release must not have previously released in any other format. (New projects released simultaneously in surround and stereo are acceptable.)

Best Mix — Non-Orchestral: For the title that features the most compelling multichannel recording and mix.

Best Mix — Orchestral: For the title that features the most compelling multichannel orchestral recording and mix from the previous year, including orchestral film soundtracks.

Most Adventurous Mix: For the title that features the most adventurous use of all the available channels in the genre.

Best Additional Features: For the title that includes the most compelling extra features besides the primary music program.

Best Hi-Res Stereo-Only Program: For the best high-resolution 96 kHz or higher sampling rate, or Super Audio CD, stereo-only title.

Best Standard Resolution Title: For the best multichannel music title presented in a standard resolution (Dolby Digital, DTS, or matrixed surround) DVD-Video or 48/44.1 kHz formats.

Best Menu Design: For the title that features not only the most creative menu graphics, but the easiest to navigate as well.

Best Concert Video: For the best multichannel mix of a concert released on DVD.

Best Multichannel Reissue: For the best multichannel mix of a catalog title previously released in mono, two-channel, or matrixed surround.

Best Broadcast Multichannel Live Performance: For the best multichannel mix of a live performance broadcast in 5.1 surround sound. Can include musical performances from an event like an awards show, or a selected number from a broadcast concert.

For more information about the 2004 Surround Music Awards, contact Frank Wells at 615-848-1769 or [email protected] or Anthony Savona at 212-378-0450 or [email protected].

Presented by CMP Information, Inc., the annual Surround Conference is the premier, international networking and education opportunity for engineers and producers on the leading edge of the surround sound revolution. Professionals attend Surround 2004 to share ideas and techniques, and to immerse themselves in the latest technologies presented by showcase exhibitors.

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