Holophone and DPA Microphones A/S Form Strategic Alliance

Holophone, a division of Rising Sun Productions, Ltd., and DPA Microphones A/S of Denmark (“DPA”) announced the formation of a strategic alliance by which DPA will become the exclusive provider of microphone elements for the recently introduced Holophone H2-PRO surround sound microphone and any similar products.

The Holophone H2-PRO surround sound microphone is capable of recording up to 7.1 channels of discrete surround sound for all professional audio applications — standard television, DTV, HDTV, radio, music, project studios/engineers, and film location recording. The Holophone H2-PRO was launched in the US at NAB in April and in Europe at last month’s 116th AES Convention in Berlin Germany.

For more information, visit http://www.holophone.com.

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