Kunkel Uses GML for New Sting DVD

Stephen Jarvis Audio Consulting, located in the Bay Area in northern California, supplied a great number of GML devices to engineer Nathaniel Kunkel of Studio Without Walls for one of his recent remotes. To coincide with his first studio album in four years, entitled Sacred Love, Sting filmed a performance at the historic Mayan Theater in downtown L.A. that will be released as a limited edition DVD-V package promoting the CD, scheduled in stores September 23rd.

“I recorded everything on stage through 36 channels of GML mic pre,” recounts Kunkel. “The three main vocals, Sting, Joy, and Mary J. Blige, were recorded entirely through GML 2020’s.” The GML 2020 high resolution discrete input channel combines a mic preamp with filtering, equalization, and dynamics processing in a two-rack space package. “The truth is,” adds Kunkel, “Jarvis is the only one with that kind of GML rental depth. The system can’t operate at the same level without him on a remote like this.”

Kunkel is mixing the performance audio for the DVD release in 5.1 at Sting’s Malibu home using his portable system. GML processing is typically featured in all of his mixes, notes Kunkel. “I use the same 2020’s that I used tracking for my vocal inserts in Pro Tools when I mix. I mix on a Sony DMX-R100, so I like to take care of all of my inserts in Pro Tools, then at the end of the mix I can easily print what that insert was. It almost always is a GML 2020.”

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