Market Research confirms: Consumers like surround sound in cars and they want all passengers to enjoy it — not just the driver. (Source: Ducker Research )

The proliferation of surround sound technology in the marketplace continues to fuel the consumers’ awareness and desire for more discrete multichannel surround sound products. Harman International continues to support the market demand for home theater systems and now, with their automotive division Harman/Becker, is reaching new customers with their global launch of premium branded discrete surround systems for the major car manufacturers.

The first vehicles with discrete multichannel, multi-format surround applications have already launched in Japan with the Toyota Crown Royale Saloon and Crown Majestic in 2004. In 2005 Harman/Becker plans three more major vehicle marque introductions — all with discrete surround sound capability for 5.1 multichannel and 2-channel sourced material.

Harman Infotainment and Digital Theater Systems (DTS) are teaming up at Surround 2004 to demonstrate the real values of multichannel material for the consumer, how it should accurately convey the experience of the DTS home theater environment, and its transference into the automotive cabin. This demonstration is designed to show how systems — from media through playback — should be presented for a consistent message to consumers worldwide.

See the demo vehicle in Babylon Court. For a personal invitation and free gift, please visit any of the Harman International companies demo locations or the DTS home theater room for further details.

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