DTS Unveils DTS-HD Brand For High Definition Media Formats

DTS has unveiled DTS-HD — the new trademarked brand name for its lossless technology. Previously known under working name DTS++, the DTS-HD mark will denote media, source players, and decoders that are compliant with the next generation high definition disc formats, Blu-ray Disc, and High Definition DVD (HD-DVD). In addition to debuting the new brand and logo, DTS will support DTS-HD with a branding campaign to roll out in conjunction with the introduction of the new optical disc formats. DTS announced in September that its core 5.1-channel surround sound was selected as mandatory audio technology for both HD-DVD and Blu-ray Disc, and DTS-HD (DTS++ in some Blu-ray Disc and HD-DVD documents), was also chosen as an optional feature in both formats.

DTS-HD is a set of extensions to the Coherent Acoustics audio coding system, which also encompasses DTS Digital Surround, DTS-ES, and DTS 96/24. The introduction of DTS-HD will provide manufacturers and content providers with a complete range of DTS-branded technologies, incorporating lossless technology for next-generation formats.

Signifying “best in class” technology, DTS-HD can support a virtually unlimited number of discrete surround sound channels, can downmix to 5.1- and 2-channel, and can deliver audio quality at bit rates extending from DTS Digital Surround up to lossless.
For more information, visit www.dtsonline.com.

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