Clarity Technologies Announces Surround Sound for the Automotive and Home Theater Markets

Clarity Technologies Inc. has announced that it has signed an exclusive agreement with ISP Technologies of Waterford, Michigan to complete the development and commercialization of its Intelligent Surround Technology for audio playback in automotive and home theater environments.

ISP Technologies’ Intelligent Surround can decode any stereo signal into multidimensional, multichannel surround sound. The Intelligent Surround process provides surround decoding of all non-encoded stereo source material, as well as enhanced decoding of all matrix encoded music or cinema productions. Intelligent Surround provides true stereo surround channels for maximum lateral stereo impact and separation.

Intelligent Surround uses ISP Technologies’ patent-pending Dynamic Spectral Matrix (DSM) technology. DSM technology provides a surround matrix that constantly monitors the L+R, or center channel signal amplitude and bandwidth and dynamically subtracts only the dominant center channel portion of the spectrum from the left and right channels.

Clarity Technologies has continued expansion and enhancement in the state of hands-free voice communications and is recognized as a global leader delivering solutions that can enhance audio quality and performance in voice-based communication products and systems. The Intelligent Surround decoding matrix has applications anywhere a stereo signal is available, allowing for the enhancement of the normal stereo playback by generating a multichannel output. Home theater, headsets, and automotive applications are the most obvious markets Clarity will deploy this technology; however, there are many other applications including personal computers, video games, personal stereo systems, and sound reinforcement.

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