Bob Ludwig’s Gateway Mastering Purchases SSL’s XLogic Multichannel Compressors

Mastering legend Bob Ludwig of Gateway Mastering Studios recently took delivery of two Solid State Logic XLogic compressors from Professional Audio Design (PAD). The XLogic multichannel compressor will reside in the room primarily operated by Bob Ludwig and will handle the ever-growing demand for surround mastering, while the XLogic G Series compressor will be located in the stereo room operated by Ludwig’s protégé Adam Ayan.

“In the analog domain, there are very few compressors that are specifically designed for 5.1 operations,” says Ludwig, who has done mastering projects from Bruce Springsteen to Bare Naked Ladies.

“The SSL XLogic 5.1 has several unique features, such as the filter for the low frequency and the ability to change which channels you want to control together, making it a great choice for our application. SSL has been a leader in the recording business for a very long time and part of the company’s famous sound for rock records is its bus compressor. Being able to have a 5.1 version of the SSL bus compressor is really appropriate for many rock projects, as well as for others.”

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