SRS Labs and PacketVideo Deliver 3D Audio Solutions for Mobile Phones

SRS Labs and PacketVideo Corporation have announced that they have entered into a licensing agreement to integrate SRS Labs’ WOW 3D audio enhancement technology into PacketVideo Device Solutions for immediate availability to OEM customers. Mobile handsets featuring multimedia solutions by SRS Labs and PacketVideo will be capable of delivering high quality video and immersive audio.

WOW utilizes patented psychoacoustic audio techniques to significantly improve the sound of polyphonic ring tones, gaming sound effects, multimedia, video, and digital audio on mobile phones.

By enabling the WOW technology on their handsets, mobile phone OEMs can now deliver a spacious, natural and immersive 3D audio listening experience. To compensate for the poor bass performance inherent in small speakers and headphone drivers, WOW also includes a patented bass enhancement technology that overcomes the physical limitations of the small speakers or headphones and creates a deep, rich low-frequency performance. For the newer stereo speaker-enabled mobile phones, WOW provides stereo width from polyphonic ring tones and digitally compressed music such as MP3, WMA, and AAC formats.

PacketVideo Device Solutions offer OEMs a suite of innovative embedded products, including pvAuthor, pvCamcorder, pvPlayer, Recorder, and pv2way along with outsourced embedded engineering expertise that allows handset manufacturers to quickly and cost-effectively bring products to market with customized encoding, decoding, and 2-way video conferencing capabilities.

PacketVideo Device Solutions are embedded in handsets from Sony Ericsson, Motorola, Fujitsu, Siemens, NEC, Sagem, Nokia and others. Notably, Sony Ericsson engaged PacketVideo to deliver the multimedia functionality in their P800 smartphone, including video streaming, digital camera image capture and viewing, and digital audio playback that supports leading formats.

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