AES 24th International Conference Focuses on Present and Future of Multichannel Audio

On June 26, the Audio Engineering Society will kick off three days of intensive presentations and discussions on the present and future of multichannel audio at its 24th International Conference. The highly anticipated event is taking place at the Banff Centre, located in Banff, Alberta, Canada, which is home to a variety of world-class programs.

“The conference seminars and workshops will feature a wide range of practical and operational topics,” says Theresa Leonard, AES 24th conference chair and director of audio at the Banff Centre. “End users, audio researchers, and academics alike will benefit from the extensive program.”

Papers topics will include surround perception, spatialization and reverb, signal processing, wave field synthesis, and alternatives to 5.1. The seminars, which will be enhanced by a multichannel monitoring room setup, will include a presentation on multichannel mastering techniques by Bob Ludwig and Steven Marcussen. Other panelists and speakers will include George Massenburg and Michael Bishop, among others. Presentations on the multifaceted challenge of surround sound for documentaries, radio drama in surround, the New Year’s Eve concert live from Vienna, and the challenge of center channel will also be included.

The selection of live demonstrations, which are a key part of the program, include demos of multichannel audio reproduction, an MPEG-4-based interactive virtual 3D scenery, and practical examples of sound recording works by prominent recording engineers.

Online registration and detailed program information can be found on the AES 24th International Conference located at or by visiting

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