Marketing Push for High-Res

The DVD-Audio and SACD formats got some much-needed time in the spotlight thanks to the 5.1 Entertainment Group and Clear Channel Worldwide.

The 5.1 Entertainment Group and immergent Records have created the first DVD-Audio Single with the band Dishwalla, who forged in-roads for the format earlier this year with the first day & date release of their album Opaline simultaneously on DVD-Audio and compact disc formats.

Dishwalla’s “Somewhere in the Middle” DVD Single is available at no additional cost and is banded directly to the compact disc version of Opaline at stores nationwide. It includes Dishwalla’s music video for the single mixed in 5.1 surround sound, three different audio mixes, band member commentary, and an Opaline DVD-Audio preview. The DVD Single plays in all DVD players and DVD-ROM drives, as well as in X Box and PlayStation 2 devices.

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On the SACD front, Clear Channel Worldwide has teamed up with Sony Electronics and ABKCO Records in a national campaign that will use the synergy of the nation’s largest radio and entertainment promotion company to promote ABKCO’s The Rolling Stones Remastered Series and the Super Audio CD format.

During Phase One of this promotion, Clear Channel Radio is running more than 288,000 promotional announcements on nearly 200 radio stations across the country, as well as on Clear Channel Web sites.
The promotional announcements will include daily giveaways of Sony Super Audio CD players and ABKCO’s The Rolling Stones Remastered Series exclusively on hybrid Super Audio CD to coincide with the band’s tour.

In the second phase of the campaign, Clear Channel will join Sony and ABKCO in sponsoring a series of 22 local-market promotions specifically designed to motivate listeners to visit retailer stores and personally experience the power of the Rolling Stones on Super Audio CD.

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