Musictech College Installs Blue Sky 5.1 Monitors

Listening is learning at the Recording Technology Department at Musictech College. The school, which is accredited to bestow A.A.S. degrees in music and recording technology, recently moved into new quarters in the former Science Museum in Saint Paul, MN. In the process, the department built nine new studios, including a definitive high-end 5.1 surround studio equipped with Blue Sky 5.1 monitors.

“We have a very strong commitment to 5.1 surround audio education,” states Scott Jarrett, head of the Recording Technology Department at Musictech College. “Our intent is to be the number-one educational facility in this regard. The Blue Sky monitors were the perfect way to reinforce that commitment. Plus, we happen to also think they sound great.”

Jarrett notes that he regards the Blue Sky 5.1 system’s crossovers as “the most transparent in the business, whether you’re monitoring in stereo or surround.”

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