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A sampling of some the hot surround products from the show floor.

Calrec Audio
The Calrec Alpha 100 console features maximum configuration of 96 stereo/48 mono channels. It also features a two-layer design that allows for channel per path per fader or dual path arrangement, eight stereo or mono groups, four main outputs (configurable for 5.1, LT-RT, or Stereo), mix-minus output per channel, 48 multitrack/IFB outputs, 20 auxiliary outputs, and full signal processing on all channels at all times (Dynamics, Equalization, and Filters). Additional features include a router control panel that enables on-the-fly selection of channel Input, Insert, and Direct Output selection, channel to fader assignment, memory system, Wild Control allocation, copy function, and routing to all outputs. For more information, contact Calrec at 44-142-2-842159, or visit

Dolby unveiled version 2.0 for their popular DP569 Dolby Digital multichannel encoder. It now features a new front panel with an elastomeric keypad and aluminum chassis to reduce weight, aid cooling, and increase usability. New features include an improved menu system, a Dolby Digital Surround EX flag, additional downmixing settings, new presets, automatic data rate selection, a delay word for multiplexers, and improvements in audio coding quality. Existing DP569 users can receive version 2.0 software free by registering at For more information contact Dolby at 415-558-0200, or visit

EMTEC’s Pro Media LTO Ultrium Tape can store up to 200 GB of compressed data on a single tape. It uses a 1/2-inch metal pigment tape. Additional features include an embedded CM chip that communicates calibration and initialization data directly to the LTO drive, and fast transfer rates – between 10 and 40 MB/s. LTO Ultrium is available in four sizes with compressed/uncompressed storage capacities of 20/10, 60/30, 100/50, and 200/100 GB. For more information, contact EMTEC at 888-295-5551, or visit (Photo 4)

La Cie
La Cie’s new high-speed RAID system, the TX 1200 for Mac environments, allows for a choice of RAID levels of 0, 1, 0+1, 3, and 5. It features 160 MB/sec high performance SCSI connection, 12 drives for a total capacity of up to 2.16 TB scaleable to 24 drives per array, and hot swappable key components. It also features increased throughput by up to 80 percent and an LCD. The system can be designed as a tower, or several towers can be stacked in a compact rackmount configuration. For more information, contact LaCie at 503-844-4500, or visit (Photo 6)

Magix Entertainment
The newest top-of-the-line edition of Magix Entertainment’s Samplitude, called Samplitude Producer 2496 ($799), features multitrack recording and editing, CD and DVD mastering, 999 tracks stereo or mono, 32-bit float sound quality internal resolution, recordings up to 245-bit/192 kHz, 5.1 surround panning and surround export, and automation curves for volume/panorama/surround/MIDI controller. Other features include MIDI recording/playback/editing, object editor featuring real-time effects EQ dynamics and Direct X, multi-band dynamics and stereo FX in the mixer master section and offline, support of all sound cards through 16-bit, 24-bit, or 32-bit WAV driver, auto crossfade mode, variable real-time crossfades, cut/copy/paste for objects, and freely definable keyboard shortcuts, as well as cut/copy and drag and drop operations between projects. It is shipping with MAGIX Video deLuxe, an all-in-one video tool. For more information, visit 7)

Martinsound introduced their PanMAX automated surround panner. PanMAX offers eight outputs as standard, and is expandable to up to 16-input channels from the 2-channel base system. PanMAX is configurable with one or two remote controllers. Each remote provides automated control of divergence, stereo width, and surround panning through three faders and a joystick. SMPTE-lock permits frame-accurate replay of the recorded movements. For more information, contact Martinsound at 800-582-3555, or visit (Photo 1)

Solid State Logic
The Solid State Logic Axiom console now has the latest V2 software that provides MIDI FX control and PanPoint surround panning facility. Virtually all channel functions can be dynamically automated or reset from snapshot memories, either globally or locally. In addition, all routing of external devices connected via insert ports can be recalled, and, with the V2 software, these external FX devices may be controlled from the center section of the via MIDI protocol. The console also features PanPoint. Stereo or Surround panning for both large and small fader paths can be controlled and automated using the console’s pen and tablet interface with the surround pan positioning for both faders displayed simultaneously on the console VDU. For more information, contact SSL at 212-315-1111, or visit

The Studer BRS processor is a monitoring device that allows for the reproduction of surround (and stereo) audio signals, including the loudspeakers, their position, and the room acoustics of a defined room over a standard headphone set. In conjunction with the headphones and headtracker, the measured room is reproduced in every detail at any desired location. The Studer BRS Processor uses measured data from existing rooms with their loudspeaker systems, including direct and early reflections and reverberation. Room scanning measurements are a service Studer representatives provide. The operator can now carry the preferred room/rooms to any other location and the mix will sound exactly the same as it would in the original room. In use, the listener has to plug the headtracking device into the processor and feed the audio signal (stereo, surround 5.1, etc.) into the BRS unit. The desired room must then be chosen. The headtracker provides the processor with the information on the rotations and head angle of the listener. The BRS Processor uses this data to address the room database and chooses the appropriate set of data to calculate the necessary signals for the ears. The processed signal is then fed to the headphones. For more information, contact Studer at +41-0-870-75-11, or visit (Photo 2)

Westlake’s new Lc4 .75 Monitor Speaker System measures just 5 x 12 x 7 inches. Housed in a bass-reflex system, the monitor employs a 4-inch woofer and a 3/4-inch soft dome tweeter. Rated frequency response is 65 Hz-20 kHz. Sensitivity is 85 dB @1M for 2.83-volt input; power requirements are between 50 and 100 watts. For more information, contact Westlake at 805-499-3686, or visit (Photo 3)

Z-Systems Audio Engineering introduced the Z-K6 stereo-surround audio processo . The Z-K6 converts stereo to surround using well-understood psychoacoustic principles relating to ambience and sound output. It creates a discrete center channel output, and a .1 channel LFE output using the sound that already exists in the recording. For more information, contact Z-Systems Audio Engineering at 352-371-0990, or visit (Photo 5)

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