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Apogee’s latest multichannel converter systems, the AD-16 A/D and the D/A -16 D/A, are complementary units that are 1 U high and offer 16 channels of Apogee conversion at sample rates up to 96 kHz. The DA-16 includes AES and TDIF connectors, a novel clocking system that uses two clocks, a crystal oscillator, and outputs word clock. The AD-16 features Apogee’s proprietary Soft-Limit circuitry, UV22HR, individual channel LEDs that indicate the presence and strength of a signal by brightness, and an additional per channel LED that is user definable with a rear DIP and registers overs, and 16 trimpots for analog level calibration. Both units feature a word clock in.

For more information, contact Apogee at 310-915-1000 or visit www.apogeedigital.com.

Sony DMX-R100 Upgrade

Sony Electronics has introduced version 2.0 software for the popular DMX-R100 digital console. The new software enables surround sound processing at double sample rates and features enhanced sub-level control on each channel in conjunction with five channel panning. New dynamic automation functions include enhanced Trim and Audition modes. Additional primary features include fader namer on Channel GUI, Equalizer and Dynamic Library function, access to solo function, dither mode for PGM output, and DOS-compatible floppy disc for automation data storage. For more information, visit www.sony.com/professional.

Genelec 7000 Series Active Subwoofers and Bass Management system

Availible in 8-, 10-, 12-, and dual-driver 12-inch models, the Genelec 7000 series subs all employ the company’s proprietary LSE (Laminar Spiral Enclosure) technology. This technology, according to the company, eliminates acoustic nonlinearities from port turbulence to create a smooth sounding �laminar flow� of low frequency. The subs are designed for use with the new Genelec 6.1 Bass Management system, which has six signal input and output channels. The crossover frequency of the Bass Management system is fixed at 85 Hz. A dedicated LFE input connector allows for easy set up and monitoring, and a +10 dB gain switch is also available. A calibrated bass-roll off switch provides adjustments to the subwoofer response in 2 dB steps. Two phase alignment switches are also included. For more information, contact Genelec at 508-652-0909, or visit www.genelec.com.

Martinsound ManagerMax Surround 5.1 Bass Management System

ManagerMax Surround 5.1 system, designed in conjunction with TMH corporation and Tomlison Holman, is designed to optimize the transition from the main speakers to the subwoofer, delivering what the company calls �exceptionally smooth bass extension. ManagerMax incorporates five continuously adjustable 2nd-order high-pass filters that work synergistically with the nautral rolloff of the speakers. It also has a six-position, 4th-order low-pass filter for the re-directed low frequencies. A defeatable LFE filter is also included. The redirected bass and LFE channel are summed, giving consideration for the in-band gain required for the LFE, making subwoofer set up easier. For more information, contact Martin Sound at 800-582-3555, or visit www.martinsound.com.

High-Res Reverb from Dynatron

G Prime, the exclusive U.S. dealer of Dynatron, announced that the Dynatron 255 HS with 24-bit/96 kHz operation is now available. Highlights include original EMT 250 reverberation algorithm enhanced to provide five-channel output, main reverb decay time setting variable from .4 to 4.5 seconds, low frequency decay ratio adjustable to .5X to 2X of main reverb time, predelayed to 140 ms, and AC line input via standard IEC 3-pin connector 115/230 VAC 50/60 Hz. All inputs and outputs are AES3 standard digital audio format with XLR-3 connectors. For more information, visit www.gprime.com.

High-Res Field Recording from Sonic Sense

The Sonic Sense Sonicorder is a fully functional, 24-bit/48 kHz digital audio workstation designed for field use. It is a compact integration of recording software, an audio interface, and a high-end laptop computer. The unit is offered in three turnkey configurations or as a custom-designed system on the recordist’s laptop of choice. The first configuration, the DCW-1 basic, utilizes Digigram’s VX pocket sound card. The DCW-1 deluxe is supplied with Benchmark’s Sonic AD2K+A/D converter and a Grace Design Lunatec V2 mic preamp. The third option, DCW-2, capable of 6-1/2 hours of recording time, is equipped with Sound Devices’ USB Pre, which serves as an all-in-one microphone, preamp, power supply, and A/D recorder. Prices range from under $4000 to under $8000. For more information, contact Sonic Sense at 877-324-4463 or visit www.sonicsense.com.

SMART Line Purifier

SMART devices is now shipping the GC-120 line purifier. This product, dubbed “the Garbage Collector,” removes AC line pollution such as RF, EMI, and noise caused by other products connected to the same power source. It provides full-balanced power from the unbalanced AC line to provide “cleaner” power to all components. The Purifier is rated at 1800 watts, but can deliver over 2000 watts, according to the company. The MSRP is $1995. For more information, contact SMART devices at 800-45 SMART, or visit www.smart-cinema.com.

Powered Speakers from API

The new API S8.2 and S10.2 speakers feature front-mounted controls, front bass venting, injected molded polypropylene cones containing mica and glass spheres, heavy magnet structures, and 1-inch to 1-1/2-inch voice coils. Additional features include bass level and low-filter controls, choice of audio or video equalization, auto on/off, and input options to cover a wide array of hookup choices. The S8.2 has an 8-inch driver, a frequency response of 27�100 Hz, and 100 watts of amplifier power. It has an MSRP of $300. The S10.2 sports a 10-inch driver, a frequency response of 23�100 Hz, and 150 watts of amplifier power. It has a suggested retail price of $500. For more information contact API at 416-321-1800.

Athena Center Channel Speaker

The Athena C.5 center channel speaker is designed to match the company’s S.5 speakers. It features magnetically shielded drivers, keyway wall mount, bass reflex design, and two rear vents. The speaker, which is comprised of a 1-inch Teteron dome tweeter and two 4-inch composite cone woofers, utilizes MDF construction, composite resin front and rear baffles, and binding post terminals. For more information, contact Athena Technologies www.athenaspeakers.com.

Full-Service Receivers from Denon

Denon Electronic’s new AVR-3802P/AVR-1082P A/V receivers uses the Analog Devices SHARC 32 bit floating-point DSP processor with Denon’s DDSC-D circuitry. It supports Dolby Pro Logic II, Dolby 6.1, DTS-ES discrete 6.1, and DTS-ES matrix 6.1 decoding, as well as multi-zone operation with seven fully discrete independent amplifier channels, each with 110 watts of power and equal frequency response. It also supports both DTS-ES NEO:6 Surround and Extended Surround Matrix 6.1 Decoding for surround playback with Dolby Digital Pro Logic II. For more information, contact Denon at 973-396-0810 or visit www.del.denon.com.

Bass Management for DVD-A and SACD

Atlantic Technologies has introduced the P-2000A/V processor/preamp. The unit features 5.1 analog bass management for DVD-Audio and SACD players and independently adjustable crossovers, as well as a full suite of Dolby and DTS modes. It can be set automatically to switch to a 6.1 mode when the new 6.1-channel digital flag is present in the source material. It will ship in the first quarter of 2002 with a suggested retail price of $1699. For more information, visit www.atlantictechnology.com.

Acoutic Research Ships Wireless Surround Headphones

Acoustic Research has started shipping their 900 MHz wireless surround headphones. The headphones combine a Dolby Digital processor and surround sound headphone technology. They feature a signal-to-noise ratio of over 70 dB with over 35 dB stereo separation. The headphones carry a suggested retail price of $299.99. For more information, visit www.acoustic-research.com.

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