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A.Power Tool
What do you need for mastering? A good compressor, a lightning fast brick wall limiter, a powerful equalizer? The Drawmer DC2476 offers all these in addition to an intelligent gain management system – all you have to do is set the input level correctly and it’s impossible to clip a signal no matter what processing you apply. On top of that there’s the option to use multi-band compression, expansion, or limiting, complete with variable tube modeling and stereo width adjustment in each band. For more information, contact Drawmer at 702-365-5155 or visit

B.Smart ‘Phones
The new Studer BRS Processor allows the reproduction of surround (and stereo) audio signals – including the control room acoustics – over a pair of headphones. It is a unique monitoring device that allows the reproduction of surround (and stereo) audio signals – including the loudspeakers, their position, and the room acoustics of a defined room – over a standard set of headphones. The headphone monitoring system consists of the Studer BRS Processor with the measured data of the preferred room(s) loaded. The first version is used with a standard headphone (not included, but it has to meet certain specs). The second version includes a headphone set with headtracker. In conjunction with the headphones and headtracker, the measured room is reproduced in every detail. For more information, contact Studer Professional Audio AG at +41 (0) 1 870 75 11 or visit

C.Processing the Future
Aphex Systems has unveiled a new, updated version of the popular Model 2020 broadcast audio processor, which is used by radio and TV stations around the world. The 2020 MkII is a self-contained FM/TV broadcast and Webcasting processor in a single chassis; all functions are integrated within one interactive yet stable and optimized processing framework. New features include a split-band optical pre-emphasis limiter, a patent-pending overshoot-compensated, low-distortion low-pass filter, and new processing algorithms that make the Model 2020 MkII sound even louder and cleaner than its previous generation. Recommended user price is $5500. For more information, contact Aphex Systems at 818-767-2929 or visit

D.Master of Multichannel
The Dolby DP569 Dolby Digital multichannel encoder features a new front panel with an elastomeric keypad and aluminum chassis to reduce weight, aid cooling, and increased usability. New features include an improved menu system, a Dolby Digital Surround EX flag, additional downmixing settings, new presets, automatic data rate selection, a delay word for multiplexers, and improvements in audio coding quality. Existing DP569 users can receive version 2.0 software free by registering at For more information, visit

E.What Crosstalk
Bryston announced the latest in their line of high-end amplifiers: the 6B-ST 3-channel power amplifier. Comprised of three completely independent modules for zero crosstalk and solid imaging, the 6B-ST optimizes any installation that calls for three channels conveniently packaged into a single chassis. Unique to the 6B-ST is that each of the three modular channels is capable of delivering 250 watts into 8 ohms or 400 watts into 4 ohms, and that each module functions independently with its own electronic circuitry, connections, and independent power supply. The 6B-ST features a three-position gain selector for balanced or single-ended inputs, a polarity switch on each channel, and over 40,000 MFD of filter capacitance on each channel. For more information, contact Bryston at 705-742-5325 or visit

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