SURROUND 2002 Conference Program

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With Multichannel Audio now part of our everyday lives, Surround 2002 provides an in-depth exploration of the various delivery methods available and how each requires a different production approach. This years conference features detailed “How I Did That” presentations regarding DVD-Video, DVD-Audio, SACD, Broadcast, Theatrical and Broadband formats as well as tips and tricks on the latest production techniques.

As a bonus, a series of Master Classes and Hands-On sessions will be available in individual manufacturer-sponsored sessions.

Also, this year all attendees will receive an information packet that includes support material for all presentations as well as promotion and product information from the sponsors and exhibitors.

Wilshire Room
TRACK 1 – DVD-Video: The Dominant Format
Yes, it’s everywhere and with over 1 billion discs shipped, DVD-Video fast approaches CD penetration. Track 1 features sessions pertinent to the current production procedures in the format.

10:00 – 10:45 AM:
Session #1A5.1 From Mono Or Stereo? Can Upmixing Be The Future Of Surround Sound?
What do you do when the multitrack source tapes are not available? What can you do when there’s no remix budget? With consumers now demanding surround audio on their DVDs, learn why many surround titles are upmixed and hear the various proprietary and commercially available techniques and processes demonstrated.

11:15 – 12:00 PM:
Session #2AMultichannel Mixing With The Home Theater In Mind (This is meant to feature the new Universal DVD facility)
Although theatrical mixes sound great in the theater, playback in the home theater requires a different set of rules and assumptions. This session explores the process of mixing current film audio tracks specifically with DVD in mind.

12:15 – 1:00 PM:
Session #3AMultichannel Location Recording
A presentation, demonstration and analysis of the techniques and equipment used during the recording of several surround projects. How much is different from stereo? Do normal stereo miking techniques apply? How well do the next generation of surround microphones work?

TRACK 2 – DVD-Audio: The Upstart
After a shakey start, DVD-Audio is finally in the stores and production tools are widespread. Track 2 is an overview of the many trials frequently encountered during DVD-A production.

2:30 – 3:15 PM:
Session #4AHi-Res Shootout: Can 192kHz Make A Difference?
Hi-resolution audio is becoming a fact of life. Is there really a difference? This session features a side by side demonstration and comparison between 48, 96, and 192kHz PCM audio.

3:45 – 4:30 PM:
Session #5A – The Making Of A DVD-Audio Title: A DVD-A Production Workflow In this session, Jeff Levison from DTS describes the workflow of a DVD-Audio title from mixing to mastering to authoring.

4:45 – 5:30 PM:
Session #6AHi-Resolution Music: Who Is The Audience And How Do We Reach Them?
Retailers share their experiences and projections on marketing hi-resolution music.

TRACK 3 – DSD and SACD: The Hi-Res New Kid
With an alternative recording and competing delivery format, Direct Stream Digital and Super Audio CD have made great market inroads. This track provides an overview of the technology as well as the tools required for production.

10:00 – 10:45 AM
Session #1BSACD Close Up And Personal
This session provides a detailed and insightful look at the inner workings of DSD and SACD and the techniques required for production.

11:15 – 12:00 PM
Session #2BSACD – On Display For All To Hear
Look out DVD, there’s another way to deliver surround. This session features a variety of SACD playback demonstrations featuring a variety of music types.

12:15 – 1:00 PM:
Session #3BSACD Gear Overview: How Do I Find The Tools?
DSD is a brave new world with only a few existing production tools available at the moment. This session takes a look at what equipment is currently available and what’s soon to come.

TRACK 4 – Broadcast/Broadband
Multichannel audio doesn’t have to come on a disc and Track 4 features sessions displaying surround sound from delivery formats past and future.

2:30 – 3:15 PM
Session #4BMultichannel And The Tube: A Look At Surround Broadcast Mixing For TV
Forget the picture for a second, 5.1 is an integral part of the HDTV spec. In this session, television mixers discuss the trials and tribulations of the new format and share tips and techniques on mixing to picture.

3:45 – 4:30 PM
Session #5BSurround And The Big Screen: A Look At Multichannel Recording And Mixing For The Theater
While surround mixing was introduced at the dubbing stage before anywhere else, the mixing process has evolved over the years. This presentation describes the different approaches taken, as well as the trials and tribulations that occur, during surround film recording and mixing.

4:45 – 5:30 PM:
Session #6BThe Future of Broadband Audio Delivery? Microsoft’s “Corona” Explained
Broadband hi-resolution multichannel audio may soon become reality, and the days of MP3 may soon be numbered thanks to Corona. In this session, Microsoft’s xxxx gives an in-depth description and demonstration of the technology.

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