Kind of Loud to Release First Multichannel Reverb

 Tuesday, November 09, 1999  
Kind of Loud to Release First Multichannel Reverb
Kind of Loud Technologies, the makers of SmartPan Pro � the first and only 5.1 surround panner for Pro Tools � comes RealVerb 5.1, a multichannel reverberator TDM plug-in.

RealVerb 5.1 uses sophisticated auralization technology to model physical spaces. Its unique ability to morph between room shapes and textures gives users unprecedented creative control over their sound. Perhaps most impressive is the ability to map reverberation spatially for surround mixing. RealVerb 5.1 allows the user to independently place the direct path, early reflections, and late field reverberation in the soundfield.

“This is a tool that gives surround mixers a new creative edge,” says Jonathan Abel, Ph.D., Kind of Loud’s CTO and lead designer of RealVerb. “After using RealVerb 5.1, it may become difficult to mix without it.

The RealVerb 5.1 Pro Tools TDM version is shipping this month. Subsequently, RealVerb 5.1 will be available for other DAW platforms.

For more information, call Kind of Loud Technologies at 831-466-3737 or fax them at 831-466-3775.

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