20th Century FOX Continues TASCAM MM Series Trend

 Wednesday, November 10, 1999  
20th Century FOX Continues TASCAM MM Series Trend
After considering its successful history with TASCAM’s MM Series and taking into account the needs of its new dub stages, 20th Century FOX Studios has ordered an additional 14 TASCAM MMR-8 Modular Multitrack Recorders and 14 MMP-16 Modular Players to dub major motion picture releases in 24-bit digital. FOX has used its current MM Series units to dub such feature films as “Forces of Nature,” “Brokedown Palace,” and “Angela’s Ashes.”

“When outfitting our new post production complex, we’re going the full digital route,” explains John Brunnick, chief engineer of 20th Century FOX Studios’ sound department. “Of course, we needed more digital dubbers to complement the rest of our inventory. TASCAM’s MM Series has performed tremendously for us in the past and its features and capabilities are the best in the business.”

The MMR-8 is a digital audio, random-access, hard-disk-based production product designed to function as a digital dubber, replacing the traditional 35 mm sprocketed magnetic tape used in film sound mixing. The MMR-8 can play and record eight channels of up to 24-bit linear PCM digital audio from a single or multiple drive setup.

For more information, call TASCAM at 323-726-0303.


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