CTS Expands Capricorn with CXS

 ,Thursday, November 11, 1999  
CTS Expands Capricorn with CXS
CTS Studios, based in Wembley, UK, has announced the installation of a CXS Surround Sound Film Panel to the AMS Neve Capricorn digital console in its renowned Studio 2. CTS Studios’ decision to install the CXS Film Panel reflects both the high degree of film scoring and mixing projects being undertaken by the company and the growing popularity of the Capricorn’s capabilities.

The Film Panel supports all multi-format, surround sound mixing configurations, providing engineers with the ability to monitor their mixes in any format they choose. The studios’ installation of the CXS panel has been further enhanced by a general electronic overhaul of the console, and by various improvements made to the desk’s work surface.

The inclusion of the Film Panel transforms our Capricorn into the most comprehensive multi-format music recording and mixing console currently available, and allows us to undertake an even broader range of projects in Studio 2,” says Peter Fielder, general manager of CTS Studios. “The console’s instant recall capability, full dynamic automation, and the capacity to record and mix purely in 24-bit gives the studio key marketing advantages…It is also an exceptionally nice room to work in.”

For more information, call CTS Studios at +44 (0) 20 8903 4611.


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