Sonic Launches Educational Program for DVD Fusion

 Tuesday, November 16, 1999  
Sonic Launches Educational Program for DVD Fusion
Sonic Solutions has announced that it has launched the DVD Fusion Educational Program to assist media departments at accredited learning institutions to teach DVD production, as well as develop DVD-based education and training materials. The goals of the program are twofold: 1) to serve the needs of educational institutions by offering them a means to teach concepts of professional DVD production and create DVD educational and entertainment content; 2) to serve the needs of commercial facilities by increasing the pool of trained DVD designers and producers.

Under the DVD Fusion Educational Program, qualified institutions receive special introductory pricing on Sonic DVD Fusion as well as curriculum materials for teaching students about the DVD format and DVD production techniques. In addition, the program refers trained DVD students to the large group of companies that have added DVD production suites and that are seeking qualified DVD operators. DVD Fusion is designed to work with Avid Media 100 and QuickTime-based video editing systems so that universities can now allow their students to create, edit, and author complete DVD projects.

“Through the DVD Fusion educational program, we’re very pleased to be able to expose our students to the most innovative technologies,” says Peggy O’Neill Jones, chair of the Technical Communications Department at the Metropolitan State College of Denver, the largest public undergraduate college in the U.S. “As part of our Technical Communications Program, we will use DVD Fusion to help our students master DVD production techniques and for the first time enable them to create interactive film and video projects on DVD.

“Sonic’s DVD Fusion is the world’s leading DVD production tool,” says Sharon Sherman, director of Metro State’s US WEST Center for Business Success. “By becoming proficient on this system, our students will have a greater potential for successful placement and careers in DVD.”

As part of its program, Sonic will provide participating educational institutions with curriculum materials that cover the DVD format, principles of video and audio encoding, and basic and advanced authoring. The courses will allow students to learn how to encode audio and video, as well as author complete DVD titles on state-of-the art systems that are used by most DVD professionals around the world. Students who complete the course will be included in Sonic’s “DVD Expert Referral Program,” a means of introducing trained DVD specialists to the large number of Sonic DVD authoring facilities looking for qualified operators.

For more information, call Sonic Solutions at 415-893-8000.

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