Meyer Sound Labs’ Newest Loudspeaker

 ,Thursday, November 18, 1999  
Meyer Sound Labs’ Newest Loudspeaker
Meyer Sound Laboratories recently released its latest loudspeaker, the UMS-1P. The compact, self-powered professional reinforcement subwoofer, although modestly sized and lightweight, packs powerful low-end bass with clarity, linearity, and detail. This latest addition to the Self-Powered UltraSeries will extend bass response and enhance performance in small-room systems, as well as provide low-frequency boost in larger rooms where size or weight restrictions preclude the use of larger subwoofers.

It combines well with Meyer’s full-range systems, particularly the UPM-1P, UPA-1/2, HD-1, and HM-1. A compact 5.1 reinforcement system can also be easily created using the UMS-1P in conjunction with five UPM-1P’s. The UMS-1P was developed for optimum performance in the frequency range between 25 Hz and 200 Hz. Capable of sustained output levels in excess of 108 dB SPL, the UMS-1P incorporates dual 10-inch drivers, proprietary control electronics, and a dual-channel 400-watt Class AB/H power amplifier. The UMS-1P’s are now in full production with a suggested price of $2300.

For more details, call Meyer Sound Laboratories at 510-486-1166.

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