Alesis Monitors

 Monday, November 29, 1999  
Alesis Monitors
The S1 Active subwoofer and M1 Active nearfield monitors are new from Alesis. The S1 and M1 combine to form a standard playback source for stereo, 5.1, or 7.1 surround production.

The M1 Active, featuring a 6.5-inch woofer and 1-inch silk tweeter with an internal active crossover and custom-designed dual amplifiers, also features special time alignment circuitry added to the tweeter section of the crossover, allowing the output of frequencies from the high and low drivers to occur in perfect synchronization, avoiding the time smear typically found in less advanced powered speakers.

The S1 Active combines its front firing port with a 250-watt amplifier and a front-firing 8-inch woofer to improve bass frequency and offer excellent transient response. The magnetically shielded S1 Active compliments any speakers in the Alesis line, including the Monitor One and Point Seven. While the S1 active will be available at the end of 1999, the M1 Active is available now through pro audio and music instrument retailers. For more information, call Alesis at 310-255-3400.

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