Roland House to Provide High-Definition Post Services for Discovery Channel’s Eco-Challenge

 Tuesday, December 14, 1999  
Roland House to Provide High-Definition Post Services for Discovery Channel’s Eco-Challenge
Roland House High Definition Post Production has been chosen for all post-production services for Discovery Channel’s Eco-Challenge Argentina ’99. Having recently announced an agreement with Sony Electronics, Discovery Channel will be orchestrating the world’s largest remote HDTV production to date this December. Executive producer for Eco-Challenge, Angus Yates, and Roland House teamed up last year to post the 1998 production, which took place in Morocco.

Roland House, who pioneered the use of high-definition post equipment in the DC area last fall, will provide HD on-line and tape-to-tape color correction, as well as 5.1 surround audio services for the two two-hour HD masters. In addition, Roland House will oversee the downconversion of all HD source footage captured by the 19 camera crews, the integration of DV, and other standard definition-originated material, and the creation of standard definition masters for the April broadcast delivery. Roland House Design & Effects has also been tapped to re-create the Eco-Challenge logo animation in HD, as well as provide all in-show graphics.

Executive producer Yates stated, “Given the unprecedented complexity of producing and delivering Discovery Channel Eco-Challenge — the 400 plus hours of high-definition footage shot in the field, the hundreds of hours of audio cataloging and mixing, high-definition graphics design, delivering in multiple languages for multiple customers…the list goes on — I consider myself lucky to be aligned with the team at Roland House, the most professional, creative, and capable post-production facility in the country.”

Last fall, Roland House announced its decision to install Sony’s High Definition Video System. The initial purchase included four HDW500 HDCAM VTRs, HDM2830 high definition monitors, HDS7250 switcher, HDME7000 multi-effects, and HKPF board series of high definition conversion and distribution products. Since that time, Roland House has rebuilt and expanded its audio division to include a dSP 5.1 surround suite, upgraded its camera rental package to include the Sony HDW700A HD camcorder, and purchased a DaVinci 2K tape-to-tape color corrector for true HD finishing. Roland House Design & Effects has added 2 Discreet Logic smoke/flame* systems to work in conjunction with its HD-capable Maya 3D platform.

For more information, call Roland House Business Development Group at 703-525-7000 .

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