Montreal’s Ex-Centris Uses LCS SuperNova for Studio Integration, HDTV Surround Sound

 Monday, December 27, 1999  
Montreal’s Ex-Centris Uses LCS SuperNova for Studio Integration, HDTV Surround Sound
Level Control Systems (LCS) has sold twelve LD-88 SuperNova automated mixers to Ex-Centris, the new cinema and media arts complex in Montreal, Quebec. The SuperNova system will be used for studio integration and multichannel surround sound control. Ex-Centris is the brainchild of media artist/entrepreneur Daniel Langlois, founder of Softimage.

According to Langlois, “A mecca for the avant-garde, Ex-Centris will showcase the best independent film productions from at home and around the world as well as works of art using new digital technologies. Ex-Centris stands at the forefront of the revolution in art and cinema. It’s an international forum where the creators of today and tomorrow share ideas and experiment.”

Each of the complex’s four theaters is fully equipped for projection of 35 mm and 16 mm film and HDTV, with multichannel sound control by LCS. But Ex-Centris is more than a venue for the presentation of avant-garde cinema and digital art. It also hosts state-of-the art post production facilities and serves as a laboratory for experimental media. Two of the four rooms feature full post suites, while a third is a black box theater without seats, used for surround sound development.

In order to tie together the audio from all the rooms and to allow maximum dynamic control for surround sound applications, Ex-Centris has adopted Level Control Systems’ SuperNova automated mixers. Each of the four rooms has a set of three LD-88 matrix mixers, providing each with a 24 X 24 mix. Current plans, to be fully implemented by spring 2000, are to sychronize all systems — Avid, Pro Tools, 3D animation with Softimage, HDTV projection — with the LCS SuperNova. The sound system will supplement the standard Dolby 7.1 format with eight more surround channels to achieve a total of 16 channels.

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