Sonic Solutions Launches “Business of DVD” Seminar Series Forum

 Tuesday, January 11, 2000  
Sonic Solutions Launches “Business of DVD” Seminar Series Forum
Sonic Solutions announced the launch of a 45-city seminar series entitled “The Business of DVD” to be offered January through March of this year. This latest seminar series by Sonic will provide attendees with a business perspective on DVD production and will include topics such as tapping the entertainment power of DVD, finding and keeping DVD customers, understanding today�s market and customer demographics, project planning strategies, and rethinking facility design for DVD production. DVD project workflow will also be discussed, including whether the user chooses to work on a single computer workstation or in a workgroup to take advantage of a distributed workflow model for further efficiency and productivity.

In addition, the tour will provide a special focus on the latest trend in DVD � that of publishing DVD directly from Avid, Media100, or other non-linear editing systems. Using Sonic�s latest technology, participants will learn to seamlessly convert digital video from their editing systems into MPEG-2, add interactive menus, and print onto DVD.

Designed to assist post facility owners and managers, corporate communication and production managers, multimedia publishers, advertising agency creatives, game developers, and mastering engineers, Sonic�s “The Business of DVD” seminar series will introduce attendees to all of the steps involved in DVD production, from MPEG-2 variable bit rate (VBR) video compression, to audio preparation and encoding, and from DVD authoring and formatting, to title proofing and final disc layout. Finally, attendees will be introduced to real-world approaches to preparing content, handling assets, creating elaborate interactive titles, working with high-density DVD-Audio, linking to the web with Sonic eDVD to create DVD-embedded content, and building hybrid DVD-ROM/DVD-Video productions, allowing them to keep at the leading edge of this important market.

“With the rapid adoption of the DVD format at the consumer level, there has been a dramatic surge of interest in how to produce DVD titles,” says Christopher Kryzan, senior vice president of marketing at Sonic Solutions. “Sonic has created this seminar series to offer attendees a real-world perspective on the business aspects involved in setting up a DVD production facility, providing information Sonic has gained as the foremost supplier of DVD production systems.”
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