Southern Tracks Mixes with MultiMAX

 Wednesday, January 12, 2000  
Southern Tracks Mixes with MultiMAX
Southern Tracks Recording in Atlanta, Georgia has augmented its SSL 4064G Plus mixing console with a Martinsound MultiMAX multichannel monitor controller in response to record company demand for 5.1 mixes.

“We had our first request for a 5.1 mix from a record company several months ago,” reports chief engineer Ryan Williams, “and we’re continuing to get requests, so we want to be prepared.”

MultiMAX offers comprehensive management of multiple surround speaker systems, plus stereo and mono setups. MultiMAX’s 0.1dB trim accuracy, easy-to-read LCD front panel display, and user-friendly setup menus result in precise, repeatable calibration procedures.

“We make sure the monitors are all at the exact same distance from the mix position, put an omni-directional microphone up, and use MultiMAX and an SPL meter to calibrate the system,” says Williams.

MultiMAX facilitates speaker system calibration with a built-in pink noise generator
and provides dim, mute, and solo control of individual channels. Band pass filtering may be applied to the pink noise for monitors with a limited frequency range.

The MultiMAX at Southern Tracks has been used for a number of remix sessions and for live concert mixes, most notably for a recent Rage Against The Machine show.

“We’re also getting requests to remix archive albums,” notes Williams, “some of them up to 8 years old, for DVD release in DTS format. Now we’re just waiting for the call to remix Dark Side of the Moon!”

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