TC Electronic Introduces System 6000

 Friday, January 14, 2000  
TC Electronic Introduces System 6000
TC Electronic Introduces the System 6000 multi-channel, high-quality audio processing system. It is targeted specifically towards music, film/post-production, broadcast, and mastering applications in surround environments.

System 6000 algorithms include the industry standard VSS reverb technology in a newly developed multi-channel version, called VSS-5.1. VSS-5.1 is a multi-source input to multi-channel output space simulator that incorporates advanced positioning generators and five totally uncorrelated reverb diffused fields. Multi-channel, multi-band Dynamics processing is available for System 6000. Four-band processing of multi-channel audio can be realized; including expander, compressor, and final sample accurate Brickwall limiter. Sample rates up to 96kHz are covered. For mono or stereo signals, the famous MD2 algorithm from M5000 has been improved to MD3, incorporating dual mono modes, sample accurate Brickwall limiter and 96 kHz operation.

The TC ICON remote is the System 6000 remote user-interface controller. Together with the CPU 6000, this is the most modern approach to a signal processor user-interface on the market today. The System 6000’s retail price start at $8000.

For more information, call TC Electronic at 805-373-1828.

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