360 Systems’ New Hard Disk Recorders

 ,Thursday, January 20, 2000  
360 Systems’ New Hard Disk Recorders
360 Systems’ TCR4 and TCR8 are synchronous digital hard disk recorders. The four-channel TCR4 and eight-channel TCR8 are designed specifically for broadcast, video production, and video post production applications.

Both models feature superb 24-bit audio quality, massive internal hard disk storage, high-density removable disks, random-access hard disk storage, complete timecode implementation, and VTR emulation. The TCR4 outperforms timecode DAT machines by offering two additional channels for increased compatibility with VTRs that have multichannel audio capability. The TCR8 provides several hours of eight-channel random-access audio — ideally suited for surround sound and DTV applications requiring additional audio channels for 5.1, LT-RT mixes, and multi-language broadcast production and playout.

For more information, call 360 Systems at 818-991-0360.


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