Sonic and Matsushita Electric Team to Bring DVDit! to Japanese Market

 Wednesday, January 26, 2000  
Sonic and Matsushita Electric Team to Bring DVDit! to Japanese Market
Sonic Solutions announced an agreement with Matsushita Electric Industrial Co.’s (MEI) Corporate International Trade Division (CITD) in which the two companies will work together to forge OEM relationships with Japanese manufacturers in promoting DVDit!. As part of this agreement, CITD will act as Sonic’s partner in identifying and closing OEM agreements for DVDit! in the Japanese market.

“Sonic DVDit! sets a new standard for easy access combined with extraordinary authoring power,” says Etsushi Hamasaki, general manager of the Corporate International Trade Division at Matsushita. “We believe DVDit!, along with other innovations such as recordable DVD-RAM, will usher in a new era in which a wide range of people will use the PC to handle video and audio as easily as they handle text today.”

Building on its experience in the area of DVD and MPEG video, Matsushita will market Sonic DVDit! in conjunction with software MPEG Codecs, software DVD players, and DVD-RAM-based storage drives to companies in the PC industry. Matsushita has been one of the key facilitators of DVD as a universal optical format for both AV and PC, and believes that Sonic DVDit! will be a key driving force to bridge the fields of AV and computer technology.

“We’re delighted to be working closely with Matsushita to deploy Sonic DVDit! broadly in the PC marketplace in Japan,” says Bob Doris, president of Sonic Solutions. “Matsushita was one of the originators of the DVD format, and has a long and proud history among electronics manufacturers. Our partnership with them will strongly assist us in bringing DVDit! to the widest range of consumers.”

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