Iwerks First 3D/4D FX Theatre to Open in Asia

 Friday, February 04, 2000  
Iwerks First 3D/4D FX Theatre to Open in Asia
Iwerks Entertainment, Inc. will open its first Iwerks 3D/4D FX Theatre in Shenzhen, China, at the Overseas Chinese Town (OCT) Happy Valley Amusement Park. The newest Iwerks-branded attraction is scheduled to open to the public on February 4, 2000.

Happy Valley Amusement Park is a Shenzhen Overseas Chinese Town Holdings Co. Ltd. Development. “We are honored that such a prominent and prestigious theme park as Happy Valley will be the showcase for Iwerks’ first 3D/4D FX theater,” says Charles Goldwater, Iwerks president and chief executive officer. “We are excited as we look forward to Happy Valley’s guests enjoying a sensational entertainment experience consistent with Iwerks’ attractions around the world.”

The Iwerks 3D/4D FX system provides audiences with a variety of in-theater “4D” special effects such as air, water, and audio effects that are built into the Iwerks custom 4D theater seat and are then synchronized with the on-screen 3D film. The turnkey attraction was jointly developed by Iwerks and Tetra Tech, Inc., a multimillion-dollar international architectural and engineering firm.

Happy Valley will open to the public with “Pirates in 3D,” a Busch Entertainment Corp. production. The comical adventure, featuring Leslie Nielsen, is distributed exclusively by Iwerks Entertainment. Iwerks launched the 3D/4D FX Theatre, its newest branded attraction, at IAAPA just this past November. The “4D” attraction is designed to provide theme parks and other entertainment venues with a new dimension in film-based entertainment experiences.

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