Music Annex Unveils Studio 5

 Wednesday, February 23, 2000  
Music Annex Unveils Studio 5
This month, Music Annex in San Francisco opens the freshly painted doors of Studio 5 and the newly renovated adjacent space on the third floor of its facility. Designed by architect Daniel Oakley and acoustician Michael Blackmer, Studio 5 combines a first-rate 5.1 mix suite with spacious, comfortable accommodations.

The new studio is equipped with a 56-input Euphonix CS3000 digitally-controlled console, a large Synclavier/Post Pro system, Genelec 1037B monitors for 5.1, a Doremi non-linear digital video recorder, and flat-screen monitors in place of the usual CRTs.

The studio also features a unique solution to the center speaker dilemma. In this particular studio, the center speaker is on an electronically-controlled, automated track. when the mixer is mixing in 5.1, the speaker slides out into the center of the window; and when the mixer is recording live talent and needs line of sight into the studio, the speaker slides off to the side.

Studio 5 can accommodate voice-over, ADR, and Foley sessions. In a separate room on the third floor, Music Annex has also installed an Avid Express. Music Annex operates five audio post production studios for film and video in San Francisco, and eight digital studios for music and new media in Menlo Park, CA.

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