Chace Announces Major Chace Digital Stereo Expansion

 ,Thursday, March 09, 2000  
Chace Announces Major Chace Digital Stereo Expansion
The future of active 5.1 surround technology is bright. Chace Productions today announced the delivery of 20 additional Chace Digital Stereo (CDS) systems to meet the overwhelming demand for its signature 5.1 multi-channel stereo re-mastering services.

The rapid adoption of DVD and home theatres has caused an explosion in the demand for high-quality 5.1 multi-channel stereo on classic blockbuster films. Chace’s custom digital audio system is designed for bringing original mono or stereo film sound elements into the multichannel world of 5.1.

Already proven on major motion picture releases — such as Gone with the Wind, The Wizard of Oz, Mad Max, and Easy Rider — the CDS system has demonstrated its incomparable sonic superiority.

The CDS system, developed in partnership with audio industry veterans from XiChron, Inc., is a Windows NT-based application utilizing a custom proprietary PCI card capable of massive DSP operations. The resultant system is both efficient and cost-effective, combining offline “programming,” and real-time audio rendering during mixdown.

Chace Productions will add two CDS rooms exclusively for film sound re-mastering. Additional CDS units will also be licensed for use at major film sound facilities in Europe and Asia. The announcement reflects Chace’s ongoing commitment to enhancing the world class status of Chace Digital Stereo.

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