DTV Audio Seminar Planned

 Wednesday, March 10, 1999  
DTV Audio Seminar Planned
Surround Professional magazine has announced its first annual Audio for DTV Seminar, scheduled for the day before the opening of NAB in Las Vegas, April 17, at the Alexis Park Hotel. That day-long event will be moderated by surround sound pioneer and Surround Professional magazine founding editor Tomlinson Holman. Designed for broadcast audio engineers, post production mixers, and facility designers, the program is designed to provide practical, hands-on advice on the production sound aspects of multichannel sound, sweetening and re-recording, equipment and facility requirements, audio production related aspects of the ATSC A/52 standard, as well as room acoustics and level settings. All attendees receive an exclusive reference workbook containing information available nowhere else, including the acclaimed AC-3 Coder parameter chart.

Seminar price is $295 for registrants before March 15, 1999. Registration after that point is $445. Registrants will receive the workbook prior to the seminar. Half-hour, hands-on sessions are also available to a limited number of attendees for $145 per half-hour instruction. For registration information visit the Surround Professional Website or fax your request for more information to: 516-767-1745

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