Aureal Releases A3D 2.0 Software Development Kit: The Next Generation Positional Audio Standard

 Friday, March 12, 1999  
Aureal Releases A3D 2.0 Software Development Kit: The Next Generation Positional Audio Standard
Aureal Semiconductor Inc., leaders in digital audio imaging, today announced the release of its A3D 2.0 SDK (Software Development Kit), available free to qualified software developers. By incorporating Aureal�s award-winning A3D technology into their products, developers can leverage proven technology and a large installed base to provide their customers with an interactive, immersive experience – employing the best in 3D positional audio, enhanced by Aureal Wavertracing technology.
Aureal�s A3D 2.0, building on the breakthrough success of A3D 1.0,is designed to take full advantage of Aureal�s Vortex2 audio processor. A3D 2.0 is compatible with earlier versions and includes more 3D sources, higher sample rates, improved HRTF filters, advanced resource management features and more.
The new API, which has been available to select developers for several months, is an all-in-one interface with support for A2D, A3D 1.0, and A3D 2.0 rendering features. A3D 2.0 also includes Aureal Wavetracing, allowing real-time acoustic reflection, reverb, and occlusion rendering. Each feature of A3D 2.0 can be supported seperately as part of an existing audio engine, or as part of a complete sound engine that provides super-fast positional audio.
�The release of the A3D 2.0 SDK represents more than a decade of acoustic research and development work,� said Skip McIlvaine, Aureal�s Developer Relations Manager. �We believe that the work we have done up front will provide software and content developers the audio features and performance they have asked for, and the support across platforms that they require, without a lot of work on their part. Some of the hottest new games including Half-Life, Heretic II and SiN have already taken advantage of A3D 2.0, and we�re now ready to release this technology to the general development community.�
A3D 2.0 SDK is a turn-key, containing everything needed to build software applications that harness the full power of A3D. Offering free technical support to developers and QA departments to ensure a quick development path and great results, the A3D 2.0 SDK is free to qualified developers and includes the following. To receive an A3D 2.0 SDK, contact Aureal at

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