Zoran and Siemens Launch DVD Player Reference Product Projected to Increase Sales Significantly

 Friday, March 12, 1999  
Zoran and Siemens Launch DVD Player Reference Product Projected to Increase Sales Significantly
Zoran Corporation, a leading provider of integrated circuits and software for digital video and audio applications enabled by compression, and Siemens Microelectronics Inc., has launched the VaddisPlayer DVD reference product.

Approximately 2 million DVD players were sold worldwide in 1998, and Dataquest estimates that sales of DVD players will increase 85 percent per annum for the next four years. The VaddisPlayer will shorten time to market for new DVD players, particularly in new markets such as China, the world’s largest market for digital video.

“The full-featured VaddisPlayer is expected to significantly expand the DVD player market due to its high-quality and low-cost implementation,” said Dr. Shmuel Farkash, vice president of marketing, Video Products, at Zoran Corporation. “Product manufacturers need only to add their touch and feel to launch a consumer-ready, quality DVD player. Its inherent flexibility enables the VaddisPlayer to be used as the basis for a complete low, to high-end, product line of DVD players resulting from the collaboration of Siemens and Zoran.”

“The VaddisPlayer design is the first milestone in our drive into the DVD controller silicon market. The Siemens C161 controller makes a significant contribution to the VaddisPlayer’s competitive profile as a low-cost, richly featured DVD subsystem,” said Jim Riola, director of business development, for the Siemens Microelectronics, Inc. Computer Peripherals Solutions Center. “Adding value to the VaddisPlayer design supports Siemens’ strategy of providing complete solutions for DVD product design.” For more information about Zoran call 408/919-4111, or visit their website. For their latest press releases, please call the fax-on-demand service at 1-800-PRO-INFO, ticker symbol ZRAN.


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