Sony Adopts SRS Labs’ 3D Sound and TruSurround Technologies For Use in Their Digital Televisions

 Friday, March 12, 1999  
Sony Adopts SRS Labs’ 3D Sound and TruSurround Technologies For Use in Their Digital Televisions
Through a long-standing relationship with Sony Electronics, SRS Labs’ 3D Sound and TruSurround technologies have been adopted as standard features for Sony’s state-of-the-art digital televisions. Recently announced Sony television offerings enhanced with SRS technologies include the Wega, Videoscope, and Trinitron product lines for both the US and European markets.

“Sony has been a true bedrock for our Company,” states Tom Yuen, Chairman of SRS Labs. “They were the first manufacturer to support SRS 3D Sound and sign a license agreement and over the years the relationship between Sony and SRS Labs continues to grow stronger. Implementation of both SRS and our virtual surround sound technology TruSurround in Sony’s new digital television products is particularly exciting for us, as it places our technologies in yet another group of state-of-the-art products.”

“We’ve been working to implement TruSurround in our digital television lines since we began development of the products,” explains Jim Palumbo, vice president of Sony’s Display Marketing Division. “Sony has been an avid supporter of SRS technologies for over 10-years and we’re very pleased with the surround sound processing that TruSurround provides. TruSurround eliminates the speakers as the point sources of sound and totally immerses the audience in vivid, clear and lively surround sound.”
Leading Sony’s recent SRS-enhanced offerings is the company’s FD Trinitron Wega HDTV set (KW-HD1). The widescreen TV has the ability to decode all of the immediately available digital TV formats approved by the Advanced Television Standard Committee (ATSC), displaying HDTV signals at up to 1080I resolution. Sony has also implemented TruSurround and SRS 3D Sound in the High-Performance FD Trinitron Wega KV-32FV1, KV-32XBR200, KV-36FV1, and KV-36XBR200. Supporting the European market, Sony’s 32FS60 and 29FS60 with TruSurround are scheduled for shipment in 1Q99. For more information visit

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