IP Telephonics, LLC Announces the Release of Real-Time Audio Power Tools For Professional Audio Engineering Market

Real-Time Audio Power Tools (R-T APT) is a suite of applications and development tools which provides the functionality most required by recordists, audio technicians and broadcast engineers. With functions spanning the analysis requirements of audio system management, R-T APT may become the most indispensable tools at your disposal.
Audio analysis traditionally requires racks of complex, expensive hardware, which provide limited flexibility. With the advent of Real-Time Audio Power Tools from IP Telephonics, LLC, the most often used analysis tools can now be available from your PC. R-T APT combines the functions most required by audio professionals. These include:
— SoundGuy – combines the most-used analysis tools;
— Spectrum – real-time stereo spectrum analyzer;
— SpectroPlus – multi-display spectral and waveform analyzer;
— SignalGen – multi-purpose audio signal;
— PeakWatch – real-time peak-frequency analysis tool;
— Real-Time Dynamics Analyzer – full-featured dynamics analysis;
— Audio Power Tools SDK – software development kit for the creation
of analysis applications.
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