Dynamix Rolls Out Future of Computer Gaming With Launch of the Starsiege Universe Assault Vehicle

 Tuesday, March 16, 1999  
Dynamix Rolls Out Future of Computer Gaming With Launch of the Starsiege Universe Assault Vehicle
Dynamix, a Sierra company, today launched the Starsiege(tm) Universe Assault Vehicle (SUAV). Powered by gasoline and Intel’s new 500-MHz Pentium(R) III processors, the 30-foot SUAV is a mobile exhibition of the future of home computing technology and entertainment.

Inside the $150,000 SUAV is a 172-square-foot computer gaming center featuring networked and Internet-connected versions of two new Starsiege Universe titles from Dynamix – Starsiege(tm) (a 3D science fiction combat simulation) and Starsiege(tm) TRIBES (a 3D first-person squad warfare simulation). The Pentium III processors on board the SUAV are packaged inside custom-built computers from Falcon Northwest Computer Systems and are complemented with an integrated Dolby 5 surround sound stereo system, acoustic walls, ceilings and carpeting, neon accent lighting, captain chairs, and a 5-foot by 6-foot projection screen for players and spectators.
“The SUAV tour provides a glimpse into the home entertainment center of the future,” said Dave Grenewetzski, president of Sierra On-Line. “The system we’re showing here is at the forefront of the market today, but this technology will one day be found in every home entertainment system. Remember the days when PONG and VCRs were cutting edge? The SUAV is a fun way to show what lies just ahead.”

“Intel is excited that Dynamix is utilizing the power of the Pentium III(R) processor platform for these new game systems,” said Jason Rubinstein, Games Evangelist within Intel’s Content Group for developer relations. “The Pentium III(tm) processor brings an exciting new gaming experience, offering faster play, richer 3D and enables new types of artificial intelligence in these games.”

For complete schedule information contact Tom Clancy at 650/653-2771 or [email protected]. Downloadable photographs of the SUAV’s interior and exterior can be viewed at the SUAV Web site at:


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