Game Developer Magazine Announces the Winners of The Second Annual Front Line Awards

 Wednesday, March 17, 1999  
Game Developer Magazine Announces the Winners of The Second Annual Front Line Awards
Game Developer magazine, a Miller Freeman publication, announced the winners of the second annual Front Line Awards. The ceremony took place on Monday, March 15 during the 1999 Game Developers Conference at the San Jose Convention Center (March 15-16), a trade-only event. The winners were selected in 14 different categories representing programming, art, audio, production tools, and graphics and audio hardware.
The Front Line Awards spotlight those game development tools released in 1998 that define creativity for developers, and allow them to take their designs to the next level and beyond. In addition, one tool per year is chosen for induction into the Front Line Award Hall of Fame — akin to the Lifetime Achievement Awards bestowed at events such as the Oscars(R). Award recipients are selected by a panel of distinguished judges drawn from all facets of the game development community.
The winners, including the categories, are:
Hall of Fame Award Winner
Development: Environments
SN64 PRO-DG 1,0,0,4
SN Systems Ltd.
Development: Libraries, APIs, Engines
Numerical Design Ltd.
Development: Utilities
MediaStation 3.0.10
NxN Digital Entertainment Software GmbH
Graphics Hardware: Consumer Graphics Cards
Viper V550
Diamond Multimedia Systems Inc.
Art: Modeling & Animation Environs
Art: Modeling & Animation Plug-Ins
Surface Tools
Digimation Inc.
Art: Image Editing & Manipulation
DarkTree Textures
Darkling Simulations
Art: Video Editing & Compositing
Ultimatte Software
Ultimatte Corp.
Graphics Hardware: Pro Graphic Cards
Wildcat 4000
Intergraph Corp.
Audio: Recording & Editing
Peak 2.0
Berkeley Integrated Audio Software Inc.
Audio: Composition
Sonic Foundry Inc.
Audio Hardware: Pro Sound Cards
MOTU 2408
Mark of the Unicorn Inc.
Audio Hardware: Consumer Sound Cards
Sound Blaster Live!
Creative Labs Inc.
Production Utilities
FileMaker Pro 4.1
FileMaker Inc.
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