World’s First DAC to Meet New 192-kHz DVD Audio Standard

 Wednesday, March 17, 1999  
World’s First DAC to Meet New 192-kHz DVD Audio Standard
Analog Devices, Inc. has announced a 24-bit stereo audio DAC (digital-to-analog converter) that represents the industry’s first standalone solution to enable OEMs to meet the new 192-kHz audio sample rate standard for DVD players. Designated the AD1853, the new IC combines proprietary data conversion technology with the industry’s first multibit sigma-delta converter core to deliver significantly improved audio performance at every sample rate from 32 kHz to 192 kHz.
The DVD Forum, which includes leading companies such as Toshiba, Pioneer, Warner Bros. and Matsushita, has announced its new DVD Audio Specification v1.0 for next-generation DVD machines. The advanced 192-kHz sample rate capability is expected to be initially incorporated into the highest performance category of consumer DVD players, followed by the adoption of the new standard in all DVD players, and PC players targeted for the digital convergence markets. Analog Devices said that several DVD equipment manufacturers would soon be announcing new models that incorporate the AD1853.
The AD1853 is the only DAC on the market that meets the new 192-kHz DVD-A sample rate standard. DVD OEMs have been required to consider 96-kHz sample rate DACs; add special digital filters for an expensive, multi-chip solution; or simply to wait for a monolithic IC like the new Analog Devices’ DAC. The AD1853 is fully-compatible with all known DVD formats and sample rates. In addition, it is backwards compatible by supporting the 50/15 microsecond digital re-emphasis intended for compact discs, as well as 32 kHz and 48 kHz Fs (sampling frequencies).
More information from: Analog Devices, Inc., Ray Stata Technology Center, 804 Woburn Street, Wilmington, MA 01887, 1-800-ANALOGD

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