Calrec Launches Alpha 100 Digital Audio Production Console at NAB99

 Friday, March 19, 1999  
Calrec Launches Alpha 100 Digital Audio Production Console at NAB99

At the 1999 NAB Convention, Calrec Audio will launch the Alpha 100 digital audio production console. The Alpha 100 is the all new version of the existing Digital T Series development console which was shown at NAB98 in prototype form. Following input from existing T Series users and potential customers a completely new control surface has been developed. Alpha 100 is for live production and on-air use and has been designed from the ground up to match the reliability of Calrec�s analogue products. Alpha 100 further enhances Calrec�s world-wide reputation for providing comprehensive specification, optimum ergonomics, and the highest levels of reliability for live television production and on-air operation.

The Alpha 100 features maximum configuration: 96 Stereo/ 48 Mono channels, a two layer design that allows for channel path per fader or dual path arrangement, 8 Stereo or Mono Groups, 4 Main Outputs, Mix-Minus output per channel, 48 Multitrack/IFB outputs, and 20 Auxiliary outputs. All the elements of the system design are focused on simplicity and reliability, including a fast boot time of less than 15 seconds, full control surface re-set without disruption of audio, and high levels of redundancy throughout the system. The Calrec Alpha 100 is a fourth generation refinement of the Calrec assignable control surface. From the world�s first digitally controlled assignable console of 1980 through the VCS and T Series consoles, this unique design has been refined through constant operator feedback. The result of all of these components and features is an ergonomic design of unparalleled focus on Calrec�s task at hand�live television production and on-air use.

Calrec Audio are manufacturers of professional audio equipment. The company supplies analogue and digital consoles to the broadcast industry worldwide. Calrec is based in Hebden Bridge, Yorkshire, England. For more information, contact Calrec Audio Ltd. by e-mail or visit their Web site at
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