American Technology Corp. and Akai Electric Co., Ltd. of Japan Sign Agreement in Principal

 Wednesday, March 24, 1999  
American Technology Corp. and Akai Electric Co., Ltd. of Japan Sign Agreement in Principal

Under the Agreement, AKAI and ATC will negotiate terms and conditions of AKAI’s licensing ATC’s Stratified Field(TM) and HyperSonic(TM) Sound Technologies (SFT(TM)and HSS(TM)). The AIP represents a major step, beyond the existing Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), toward a final SFT and HSS License with AKAI while recognizing, defining and protecting both companies’ intellectual properties. If licensed, these technologies are expected to be used in a number of new products being developed by AKAI as well as being incorporated into some of their existing products.

SFT is a proprietary new, thin, non-magnetic loudspeaker technology providing superior sound quality, competitive pricing, unique design opportunities, thin and flexible form factor, elimination of the “speaker box”, simple manufacturing process and very light weight for a wide variety of quality conscious audio applications. The properties of SFT make it ideal for products such as flat panel video displays, home theater systems, personal audio systems, installed sound reinforcement, Hi-Fi speakers, and other applications that gain advantage from physically flat or uniquely shaped and audibly superior loudspeakers.

HyperSonic Sound is a new technology in sound production that employs ultrasonic tones in a new patents-pending process to produce sound directly in the air. HSS eliminates many forms of distortion and reduces room acoustical effects. HSS uses little space and weight and is comparatively efficient and cost competitive relative to direct radiating loudspeakers. The laser-like HSS ultrasonic beam can project audible sound to virtually any listening environment creating many new sound applications previously impossible with existing speaker technology.

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