RAD Game Tools Miles Sound System Supports Dolby

 Monday, March 29, 1999  
RAD Game Tools� Miles Sound System Supports Dolby

RAD Game Tools is incorporating Dolby Phase Positioner code in the latest version of its Miles Sound System (MSS) game audio application program interface, Dolby Laboratories reports. Now available to game developers, MSS 5.0 supports real-time, interactive sound positioning in Dolby Surround, for sound that follows the action in a 360-degree field around the player.

Easily accessed through Miles Sound System 5.0�s 3D sound functions, the Dolby Phase Positioner is a powerful addition that helps give the game developer control of every aspect of the interactive audio experience. MSS has been used in the preparation of over 2,000 games, and is available both as an SDK and an easy-to-use Macromedia Director Xtra.

The interactive surround effects made possible by games prepared with the Dolby Phase Positioner can be enjoyed in a variety of ways, including over multispeaker PC �desktop theaters� with Dolby Surround decoding offered by several manufacturers. Others offer Virtual Dolby Surround processors that provide convincing surround effects over just two speakers, while millions of living rooms are already equipped with home theater systems that feature multiple speakers and Dolby Surround decoding that can bring surround-sound games to life.

Developers interested in learning more about producing in Dolby Surround or licensing the Dolby Surround logo can visit www.dolby.com and contact [email protected]. For more information on the Miles Sound System including updating earlier versions, developers can contact [email protected].


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