Photomag Sound Studios NYC Makes Fairlight MFX3plus the Platform for Growth

 ,Thursday, April 01, 1999  
Photomag Sound Studios NYC Makes Fairlight MFX3plus the Platform for Growth

A leading Manhattan post production facility, Photomag Sound Studios, has just completed the installation of two 24-track MFX3plus digital audio workstations. The decision to upgrade to Fairlight, according to Ed Evans, Photomag�s Technical Director, was part of a facility-wide refurbishment that will position the studio on technology�s cutting edge. Evans explains, �When it came time to buy new equipment for the rooms, the name that kept coming up as the most versatile, best supported workstation was the Fairlight MFX3plus, but it still exceeded all of our expectations once we got the opportunity to sit down and use it ourselves.�

According to Evans, a number of surround projects are completed at Photomag, including surround work for commercials and films. Working in matrix surround and Dolby Digital, Photomag�s versatility is no doubt increased by their latest recording/editing device, the Fairlight MFX3plus being a means to many ends. A comprehensive hard disk-based recording, editing, and mixing system, the Fairlight MFX3plus is capable of up to 24 tracks with a system controller custom-designed to allow simple yet highly accurate and powerful interface with the MFX3plus extensive recording, editing, and mixing features, as well as transparent machine control capability. Fairlight�s MediaLink fast audio networking solution delivers a variety of server and networking options including store and forward, background backup, and shared sound effects libraries.

For more information, contact Fairlight at 310-287-1400.

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