Lexicon Debuts Flagship Home Theater Controller: The MC-1

Lexicon introduced their new, flagship surround preamp/processor, the Lexicon MC-1 Music and Cinema processor, featuring the latest audio and broadcast quality video technologies. Made available in March, the MC-1 includes Dolby Digital, DTS, and a refined version of the proprietary Lexicon LOGIC-7 system and will be THX Ultra(TM) certified.

Lexicon�s Vice President of Consumer Products, Buzz Goddard, says of the MC-1, �Our development program for the MC-1 was very straightforward: Take all of our best systems, refine everything that was receptive to improvement, and combine it all in a single product.�

Central to the MC-1�s design is Lexicon�s unique DSP expertise, applied to all surround and ambience modes (and all other digital audio processing functions). More than two dozen such modes are on board, including both the Dolby Digital and DTS 5.1-channel digital-surround decoding systems in state-of-the-art implementations.

This exclusive Lexicon system develops 7.1-channel, surround/ambience, employing discrete surround and side channels, that rivals (and in some cases out-performs) 5.1-channel discrete reproduction. Lexicon also developed an all new powerful yet ergonomic remote-control/on-screen-display system, to endow the MC-1 with a simple and intuitive look that belies its power and flexibility.

The Manufacturer�s suggested retail price for the MC-1 is $5,995. For additional information, visit Lexicon�s web site at


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